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At The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris in Carlsbad, California, we represent employees in all employment-related law matters, including, but not limited to, Civil Lawsuits, Jury and Judge Trials, Arbitration, Mediation (Private and EEOC), Pre-lawsuit negotiations, Severance or Separation Agreement review and, if applicable, negotiation, Disability related claims and assistance (Requests to employer for accommodation(s) for disability, including pregnancy disabilities, types of accommodations available for disabled employees, determining if you have a disability under state or federal law and/or are being treated as a disabled employee by your employer, employer’s legal obligations to assist employees with a disability or perceived disability, employee’s legal responsibilities and rights concerning a request for accommodations for a disability and/or how the employee should respond to certain requests by the employer, and Interactive Process meetings or communications, i.e. what do they mean and how do you request one), Employment Leave issues, such as Disability and Pregnancy Leave, e.g. FMLA, California Family Rights Act (CFRA), Medical Leave as an accommodation for an employee’s disability if, for example, the employee is not covered by, or has exhausted use of, FMLA and CFRA, and Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL) (Leave issues can be complicated and are often misunderstood by employers so employees need to understand their legal rights), Retaliation – Whistle-Blowing Claims, Administrative hearings and Appeals (Unemployment Appeal hearings,whether requested by employee or employer, Skelly hearings, Pre-Termination hearings, and Disciplinary hearings). We handle all types of discrimination, public and private employees, and all types of hearings and court actions.

Our attorneys put substantial legal experience to work to protect California employees who have been mistreated, have suffered workplace discrimination and/or have been the victim of a workers’ rights violation. We work on behalf of employees — and only employees — to seek justice and compensation for those employees whose legal rights have been violated.

“…She cares about her clients and works professionally and very hard. My life was nearly destroyed by my case, Laura was my advocate.”

About Our Team

The founder of the firm, Laura J. Farris, has been representing California workers since 1993. Ms. Farris and her team represent employees in all types of employment-related matters against global corporations and widely recognized names, as well as small businesses and government entities, e.g. cities, counties, State of California, school districts, hospital districts, and police and fire departments. Ms. Farris and her team are here to educate you regarding your rights as a California employee, and to protect your rights and fight for you when your rights have been violated by your employer, whether large or small, well known or unknown, and private or public.

We understand the unique challenges you are facing as an employee, regardless of who employs you. We have a proven record of success when handling all types of employment-related claims, including complex employment cases. We take a client-focused approach to your case, offering you personal attention and strong teamwork when working on your case. You will not be left in the dark wondering what is happening with your case and why certain decisions were made. You will be part of the process and work closely with us so you understand your case from beginning to end. We will fight for you at all stages of your case!

Types Of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys have represented employees against some of the largest employers in Southern California. We are not intimidated by the tactics that they will try to use in your case. We have the skills and experience necessary to help you obtain results in cases involving government claims, discrimination, harassment and any other employment law matters that you may be facing.

Find Out More About Your Case — Schedule Your Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to individuals who are inquiring about their employment-related rights and whether or not they need, or could benefit from, legal representation moving forward. If our first meeting, however, is scheduled specifically to provide legal advice concerning a document, such as a contract, employment-related legal document, or a severance or separation agreement, that would be done on an hourly basis, which will be explained to you when the appointment is scheduled so there are no surprises. During our initial meeting, whether by phone or in office, you will have the opportunity to explain your workplace situation so we can discuss your legal rights and options. You need to understand your legal rights concerning your employment, especially if you are dealing with any type of employment concern or dispute (past, present or future). You cannot make informed decisions if you do not understand your legal rights.

You should always consult with an experienced employment law attorney regarding your employment legal rights as soon as possible if you have a dispute or even a concern with your current or past employer so you understand your legal rights and options, as well as any potential deadlines (statutes of limitation) you are facing in order to protect your potential legal claims. If you fail to file your claim(s) by the applicable deadline(s), you could be forever barred from pursuing such claims, even if they have merit, due to your failure to file in a timely manner and/or with the proper entity.

Employment laws can be very complicated and difficult to navigate. Thus, it is extremely important for employees to learn their rights from an experienced employment law attorney. Ms. Farris has been representing California employees for over 26 years. We are here to help you!  Call our Carlsbad office at 760-729-0152, and/or send us your contact information (name and best number to reach you at, along with the best time to call) to our email at laura@laurafarrislaw.com.  We represent employees throughout San Diego County and across California.

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