Can you be fired for whistleblowing?

Under the law, you can’t be fired for whistleblowing. Whistleblowing is when you report a violation by your employer; that violation could be anything from reporting a sexual harassment claim to reporting fraud in the workplace. When you report these violations, your employer should take action to correct them, not fire you to try to hide the evidence.

Whistleblower protection laws are in place to protect people like yourself. These laws make it illegal to fire someone for reporting violations or illegal activities in the workplace. If you’re fired because of reporting a problem at your workplace, you may be able to make a claim against the company.

Remember that you may not have much time to make your claim. In some states, you may have as little as 90 days, while in others, you may have 120 days to file. Filing in a timely manner is the best way to make sure your case gets heard and that you can receive compensation for being retaliated against.

If you’ve been fired and aren’t sure if it was retaliation, you may want to start gathering some evidence. Remember to keep the dates you reported the activities to the authorities or your superiors. What happened after that; were you suddenly fired, or were you given a reason for termination?

If you can show that your work prior to being fired was fine and that you were suddenly let go after filing a complaint, you may be in a good position to make a claim and seek compensation for being let go from your job in California.

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