Don’t put up with pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Despite the fact that every single person owes their very life to the mother who carried them, some employers still do not offer fair treatment to pregnant employees and job applicants. Some expectant mothers are unpleasantly surprised to find that employers are not at all supportive of their choice, and may even punish them for the pregnancy.

The good news is that pregnancy discrimination is illegal. An employer who commits pregnancy discrimination may face serious civil consequences. The victim may receive monetary compensation and, potentially, restoration of employment or workplace privileges and station to fairly resolve a pregnancy dispute.

If you suspect that your employer discriminates against you because of your pregnancy, it is time to determine whether your circumstances justify pursuing a lawsuit. A carefully constructed claim can help compensate you for specific monetary and professional losses, protecting your rights and making a more just workplace for all.

Pregnancy and benefits

Usually, employers must offer the same benefits to their employees, rather than picking and choosing some employees to receive benefits over others. If an employer attempts to deny a benefit to a pregnant employee, such a health insurance or disability treatment and benefits, the employer may have to answer for it to the court.

Employers cannot deny an employee benefits because of a pregnancy, and any example of this behavior deserves careful attention.

Pregnancy and the mother’s autonomy

It is also important to understand that an employer must allow a mother to address the pregnancy as she sees fit, as long as it does not violate the law or valid company policy. If the mother wishes to take leave for the pregnancy, the employer must treat the mother just as he or she would another employee with a temporary disability.

Contrastingly, an employer cannot force an employee to take pregnancy leave, as long as the employee can perform her job acceptably. Like any other medical condition, a pregnant mother may wish to alter her duties modestly to allow her to continue to work with a lighter load.

It is also important to note that employers may not discriminate in any form against employees who undergo abortion procedures. Any discrimination toward a woman because of an abortion is a serious matter to present to the court.

Protecting your pregnancy while pursuing your career is a difficult task. Be sure to examine all of your legal options as you address your employer’s response to your pregnancy, to ensure that your rights remain protected.

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