Employees claim Tejon Ranch was harassing, discriminatory

If you’ve ever worked for an employer who doesn’t treat you appropriately, you know what a struggle it can be. Even after airing your grievances, you may find your workplace hostile or that you’re being harassed. As an employee, you have rights that protect you from being in that position, and you and your attorney do have the ability to file a lawsuit if your rights have been violated.

A lawsuit has been filed against the Tejon Ranch Company for wage theft, harassment, discrimination and wrongful terminations. According to a complaint that spanned 186 pages, the company sometimes denied employees meals or rest breaks. The company allegedly took away overtime pay and was involved in self-dealing and kickbacks.

The lawsuit claims that the ranch doesn’t comply with California’s laws let alone those of the federal government. It claims that the people filing the claim had been retaliated against for complaining about their problems at work or for the unfair practices taking place at work. One woman claims she suffered with a hostile work environment and retaliation that forced her to change her employment status. She also believes a mystery shopping company was hired for the sole purpose of making her miserable and making her quit her job.

Another woman discovered that another employee had misused a Tejon credit card. The employee may have been stealing from the ranch as well. However, when she brought this information to the attention of her superior, he reacted with anger, according to her claim. She was also supposedly ridiculed and yelled at in front of other employees. These were just some of the issues she faced that made her eventually leave her job.

Source: The Bakersfield Californian, “Lawsuit against Tejon Ranch alleges wage theft, harassment, discrimination,” Jason Kotowski, Feb. 16, 2016

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