An Overview Of Our Employment Law Practice

At The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris, we represent the interests only of employees who have been mistreated in the workplace. With substantial experience and a commitment to serving the needs of clients throughout California, our employment law attorneys will advise you on the merits of your case.

Our counsel is based on handling complex employment cases involving all types of corporations, government entities and globally recognized companies. We have the knowledge, attitude and resources to take on employers of all sizes.

Protecting Workers’ Rights

There are laws in place designed to protect the rights of workers across the state and across the nation. While the national laws create a strong foundation, the state of California has many laws that go even further toward protecting employees. For example, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) offers greater protection for California employees.

We will assess your situation to determine how best to proceed with your case. We have helped many employees with legal concerns involving:

  • Helping government workers file complaints against their employers
  • Protecting the rights of employees in civil service hearings
  • Representing employees who have retaliation cases, including wrongful termination and whistleblower allegations
  • Assisting those who have been the victims of discrimination or harassment in the workplace
  • Helping employees with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission mediations
  • Representing teachers and educational employees with employment law claims
  • Working with employees who need to request a leave of absence or have other Family and Medical Leave Act claims
  • Negotiating or reviewing severance agreements
  • Protecting workers in unemployment appeal hearings
  • Assisting with requests for workplace restraining orders

We are committed to helping clients recover the compensation and the dignity they seek when they have been mistreated in the workplace. Know your rights, and talk to a lawyer who will educate, advise, counsel and represent you at every stage of your claim. When you are fighting for justice after you have been wronged by an employer, we give you straightforward answers about your options.

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Call our Carlsbad, California, office at 760-729-0152 to schedule an appointment to discuss your employment law issue, or send us an email using our contact form. We offer a free initial consultation to most clients except in situations where you are seeking direct legal advice on documents or severance agreements.

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