Representing Employees In EEOC Mediations

Mistreatment by an employer may take several forms. You may be discriminated against due to your gender, age or sexual orientation. You might be denied a promotion because you are currently pregnant. You may be reassigned to a different job after alleging that your employer is breaking the law.

Like many other employees in this situation, you may file a complaint with a state or federal agency to have your concerns addressed. In California, the agency that investigates these complaints is the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will receive the complaints at the federal level.

Once you have taken the first steps toward filing a complaint, you may not hear anything from the agency in question. You may think that this means that you do not have a case, or that the agency has refused to look into your allegations. This is not necessarily the case. In some circumstances, the agency might have simply overlooked your request. You need an experienced lawyer to make sure that your complaints are fully investigated by the proper authorities.

An Employee Law Firm Committed To Helping You

The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris assists individuals with requests for investigations by state and federal employment agencies. Our team helps with all aspects of the process, including filing the initial paperwork as well as representing you in hearings with these bodies.

In many cases, the DFEH and EEOC may decide to hold a mediation session to try to resolve your claims before litigation proves necessary. In these sessions, you discuss your specific concerns with a third-party mediator.

Our attorneys can represent you in any and all hearings with these administrative agencies. We know how to work toward finding a solution that helps you prove the allegations that you have listed in your complaint.

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