Holding Employers Responsible For Gender Discrimination & Harassment

Advocating Against Discrimination and Harassment of Men and Women in the Workplace

Men and women deserve and have earned equal opportunities in the workplace. Traditionally, women have waged tough, uphill battles against gender-based discrimination and harassment in the workplace, but men encounter these issues as well. Men and women alike sometimes let instances of gender bias go unreported. You may have neglected to voice your concerns about offensive actions from others to your employer or to co-workers, or maybe your employer is the source of gender discrimination or harassment.

At The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris in Carlsbad, our California employment law attorneys represent the rights and safety of employees only. If you have not addressed discrimination or harassment in the workplace with a legal professional yet, it is important to take the first step with an experienced attorney. Laura J. Farris has been practicing in California since 1993, and she has dedicated her law firm to the exclusive practice of employment law.

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable and resourceful Carlsbad gender discrimination attorney. We have represented the rights of employees in cases against small, medium and large businesses in California, and we have had success against some of the largest employers in the nation.

San Diego County Gender Harassment Attorneys

If you have been mistreated or if you have suffered from a hostile work environment because of your gender, we can help you find relief and recovery. We represent clients who have experienced or who are experiencing harassment and/or discrimination in all kinds of work environments. We also represent job applicants and people who have experienced Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violations.

If your job was traditionally done by someone of the opposite sex, you still deserve equal opportunities and treatment in your chosen occupation, including men taking family medical leave to care for ill children, a pregnant wife or a newborn child. We can help you identify harassment and/or discrimination in your workplace if you are unsure.

Harassment in the workplace is an offensive and unwelcome conduct, which can include discrimination and hostility. Harassment may involve overtly offensive actions, threats or words that may make you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or singled out.

Discrimination is different from harassment. Discrimination can be artificially constructed barriers in the workplace, unreasonable exclusion from certain activities, wrongful termination, retaliation, wage discrepancies, lack of disability accommodations, and other overt or veiled actions that may go unnoticed.

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Our meetings and consultations are confidential. During an initial discussion of your case, we will present the legal options you have in pursuing recovery and compensation for the adversity and/or suffering you have faced, including physical and emotional distress and financial loss.

We provide each of our clients with personalized and responsive service. Our representation keeps you informed and involved throughout the process of your case. Your success is our priority.

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