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Discrimination and harassment in the workplace can manifest in several different ways. It does not have to be direct or overtly offensive to be illegal. Barriers to promotion, pay raises or certain job functions may be artificially constructed by employers or managers to prevent certain people from achieving or from being offered a level playing field. If you believe your employer, manager or a co-worker has discriminated or harassed you because of your race or your national origin, you should consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

At The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris in Carlsbad, we do not create barriers to potential clients in need of our professional legal services. We provide free initial consultations in which you will be able to discuss the details of your situation and discover your legal options with attorney Laura J. Farris. Our law firm is devoted and focused on representing employees only. Since the firm’s founding in 1997, Ms. Farris has represented clients with claims against small, medium and large companies throughout California, including some of the largest companies in the nation and the world.

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San Diego County National Origin Harassment Attorneys

There are differences between harassment and discrimination, and we are experienced representing clients in all aspects of each.

Harassment in the workplace is an offensive and unwelcome conduct, which can include discrimination and hostile work environments. Harassment is overtly offensive, and it can include actions, threats or words that make you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or singled out.

Discrimination is different from harassment. It can go unnoticed. Discrimination can be artificially constructed barriers in the workplace, unreasonable exclusion from certain activities, wrongful termination, retaliation, wage discrepancies, lack of disability accommodations, and other overt or veiled actions.

We can aggressively represent your case against discriminatory or harassing acts in the workplace, and we can pursue full and fair compensation ranging from physical and emotional distress to financial loss to punitive damages.

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