Helping Pregnant Workers Receive Fair Treatment

Welcoming a child into the world is one of the most joyful moments in a person’s life. For women in the workforce, those who are pregnant may find that their employers are not exactly pleased with the development. Pregnancy discrimination is a serious problem in workplaces in California, and women need to make sure that they hold their employers responsible when they have been discriminated against.

At The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris, our team of attorneys is committed to protecting the rights of women in the workplace. Since opening our firm in 1997, we have provided representation solely to employees in these types of cases. We have a thorough understanding of the state and federal laws regarding pregnancy discrimination, and we are ready to help you take action when you have been the victim of illegal acts by your employers.

What Sort Of Actions May Lead To Discrimination Claims

The allegations and facts will need to be closely reviewed to determine if discrimination has occurred. Our lawyers know how to analyze these cases effectively and efficiently, and can tell you whether or not you may have claims for compensation against your employer. We help pregnant workers with a number of different issues related to discrimination claims, including:

  • Determining if workers were provided the appropriate accommodations during the pregnancy
  • Ensuring that workers received the proper maternity or paternity leave after the birth of their child
  • Helping workers who have been retaliated against after disclosing their pregnancy or returning from leave

Most of the work that we do in this field concerns questions related to the amount of leave available to pregnant workers and new fathers. We carefully explain how the laws in California and at the federal level work, and ensure that you are able to take the maximum amount of leave that is available to you.

If your employer is attempting to deny your requests for time off, you do have rights available to you. Our lawyers will immediately get to work preparing your case to ensure that your employer is held responsible for their unlawful conduct.

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