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Any employer can terminate an employee for underperformance, workplace violations, harassment of other employees or any other reason, so long as it is not prohibited by law. California is an “at-will” employment state, which allows employers this freedom.

At The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris in Carlsbad, we assist employees and executives in protecting their financial concerns following unemployment, whether that involves working with severance packages or helping workers file unemployment appeals.

San Diego County Severance Package Attorneys

Attorney Laura J. Farris has been practicing employment law in California since 1993, and she has dedicated her law firm to the exclusive representation of employees. We provide personalized and responsive service, and we keep our clients involved and informed throughout the legal process. Contact us today to discover your legal options and discuss the details of your unique situation.

Severance Package Review and Negotiations

Severance packages can be negotiated to ensure that the agreement works to the benefit of all parties. Severance pay negotiations, including those involving higher level executives with significant asset concerns, may require the assistance of an experienced and capable professional.

Other clients we help may simply want a severance package reviewed. This can be a relatively quick process. We review severance packages, and we help you understand your rights and obligations under the agreement. We also offer proposed revisions to better protect you under the agreement and provide you with advantages and employment benefits. This can be a relatively quick process.

Discuss Your Situation With an Experienced Lawyer

During an initial consultation, we will discuss your specific situation and what advice we have for you in the process. As our client, we will fully explore opportunities and safeguards to ensure are included in your package. We are your Carlsbad attorneys for severance negotiations.

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