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If you have lost your job for reasons beyond your control, you are entitled to California state unemployment insurance benefits. In some situations, the state may reject your requests for unemployment benefits. If this happens in your case, you do have the ability to appeal the decision that has been handed down, but, you need to know that the appeals process for unemployment benefits can be time consuming, burdensome and complex.

At The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris in Carlsbad, we help employees who have lost their jobs for reasons other than voluntary resignation, misconduct and refusal to perform to their job description. We review the decision to determine if you will be able to appeal, and then take steps to help you get the benefits that you deserve.

On Your Side At Every Step

Attorney Laura J. Farris’ extensive experience in employment law dates back to 1993. Our firm can provide you assistance and counsel in filing an unemployment appeal. As bills and debts begin to mount, you will need unemployment insurance, and we can help you if your initial application for benefits has been denied. We can represent you in Employment Development Department (EDD) unemployment appeal hearings, and we can help you make the strongest case possible with the facts available to you.

Your initial application may have been denied for a variety of reasons such as your employer’s objection to the granting of benefits. We will investigate the motives behind any denial and ensure that your case is properly and thoroughly prepared for appeal. Our personalized and compassionate service allow us to build a compelling and convincing case, supported by evidence, to have success in obtaining the unemployment benefits you deserve.

Discuss Your Situation With An Experienced Lawyer

During an initial consultation, we will discuss your specific situation and options you may have throughout the process of appeal. You will meet directly with one of our San Diego County unemployment appeals attorneys during your initial consultation.

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