Sample of Verdicts and Settlements

1. $1,000,000.00 settlement following a six week trial and verdict in Plaintiff’s favor.

Disability Discrimination.

Plaintiff had a disability that was in remission until it was aggravated by her employment. She then filed a workers compensation claim for the aggravation of her disability, which was rejected by the Employer (Public Entity). Plaintiff continued to work and performed her job duties in a highly competent manner throughout the workers compensation process. Following a workers compensation trial Plaintiff prevailed in her claim and the WCAB determined that her disability was aggravated by her work. The Employer then terminated Plaintiff’s employment shortly thereafter despite her ability to perform her job duties with accommodation for her disability.

2. $1,270,920 jury verdict following a two week trial.

Gender/Pregnancy Discrimination.

Plaintiff, a probationary teacher, returned to work for the new school year following her pregnancy leave and the delivery of her baby at the end of the prior school year. Plaintiff’s new principal denied her a private locked room for expressing breast milk, removed her from the school’s leadership team, denied her books and other materials needed to instruct her students, denied her training, made repeated comments about her child care responsibilities, and provided Plaintiff with false evaluations. Plaintiff was then notified that she was non-reelected for the upcoming school year, which meant Plaintiff was effectively terminated and denied tenure as a teacher.

3. $528,655.00 (includes punitive damages of $240,000) verdict following a four day trial.

Sexual Harassment/Sexual Orientation Harassment/Retaliation and related claims.

Plaintiff, who was employed by a small business, was subjected to inappropriate comments about her gender and sexual orientation. Plaintiff was also subjected to inappropriate touching when her boss, the owner, touched her buttocks and kissed the back of her neck. Plaintiff’s former attorney recommended that Plaintiff settle her case for $25,000.00. Plaintiff fired her attorney and hired Ms. Farris, who litigated and tried the case to a successful verdict.

4. $650,000 settlement during litigation.

Gender Discrimination.

Three Plaintiffs were employed by a public entity and were subjected to gender discriminatory comments and treated differently than their male colleagues.

5. $265,000 settlement pre-litigation.

Sexual Harassment/Disability Discrimination.

Plaintiff was subjected to sexually harassing behavior and was denied a transfer/ promotion due to her medical condition.

6. $370,000 settlement during litigation

Wrongful Termination Violation of Public Policy.

Plaintiff was a Principal at a charter school. Her employment was terminated after five months in retaliation for her participation in a police investigation concerning a teacher.

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