Report Employer Wrongdoing? We Can Protect Your Rights.

You may have reported your employer for failing to follow safety protocols. Perhaps you filed a complaint after being the victim of sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Once your employer found out about your actions, you found yourself disciplined or terminated for standing up for your rights.

If an employer has taken action against you for whistleblowing, you may have claims for compensation. At The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris in Carlsbad, we can help you determine if you have been unlawfully terminated or retaliated against because of your protected acts.

Attorney Laura J. Farris has dedicated her entire career to representing employees only in employment law matters, and she opened her own law firm with this principle in 1997. Our lawyers help you understand your rights, and they provide advice and strategies you can rely on.

Holding Employers Accountable For Violating The Rights Of Whistleblowers

We work with clients to protect their rights under the labor code and to facilitate the actions allowed by these rights. Whistleblower cases can be difficult to prove. You need the advice, counsel and representation of an experienced lawyer if you think you have been subjected to illegal retaliation.

You may have a whistleblowing claim if you:

  • Were punished by your employer for reporting their unlawful conduct to authorities
  • Had your wages withheld or changed after making your employer aware of issues present in the workplace
  • Countless other situations where the employer retaliated against you after you engaged in lawful and protected conduct

Whistleblower cases are some of the most difficult issues facing employees in California. State and federal laws do provide you with rights, but you need to assert them before you will be protected. You must have an attorney on your side to ensure that you have someone working on your behalf who will not back down.

Discuss Your Options With A Lawyer

We begin by examining your case and educating you on the options and strategies available to you. Our attorneys can provide you with client-focused representation that keeps you informed and involved throughout the process. We can litigate highly complex cases, and gather the kind of evidence you will need to prove your retaliation claim.

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