Working With You To Obtain Workplace Restraining Orders

You may have several co-workers who you enjoy spending time with because you share similar interests. The conversations that you have while at the workplace can help make the time go faster. When a co-worker threatens you with violence or makes repeated attempts to engage in a romantic relationship, you need to make sure that you are taking steps to protect yourself from these individuals.

At The Law Offices of Laura J. Farris, we help employees file for and obtain workplace restraining orders against co-workers. We want to help you remove some of the stress that you feel when you go into work, because no one should have to feel unsafe when they are just doing their job.

Helping Employees In Many Different Fields And Occupations

A restraining order will prevent certain individuals from engaging in specific types of behaviors, which may include direct or indirect contact. It can be extremely difficult to ensure that the proper measures are being taken that prevent workplace violence and other types of offending conduct from occurring. We will be able to discuss your specific needs with your employer to develop a plan that makes sure the orders that you have in place will be followed.

Our attorneys have helped many different types of employees obtain restraining orders, including:

  • Individuals who work for public entities
  • Teachers and other educational employees
  • At-will employees working in retail stores
  • Professionals employed for Fortune 500 companies
  • Any and all other employees who are being harassed or threatened in the workplace

We have been helping California employees since our firm was founded in 1997. Our lawyers represent only employees in employment law matters, so we are completely committed to protecting your interests.

We know that this is a situation that has caused you a tremendous amount of stress and uncertainty. You can rely upon us to help you understand all of the options available to you, and develop a plan that keeps you safe and free from the threat of future harm.

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