Fight back and claim for violations of your employee rights

As an employee, you have many rights protected by the law of your state as well as the federal government. You have a right to work in a safe environment, to avoid harassment, to be paid fairly, and to be protected if you’re a whistleblower who is reporting wrongdoing in the workplace. You don’t need to put up with discrimination or ignore sexual harassment in the workplace; you have a right to fight back and to be compensated for the struggles you’ve been put through.

California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act guarantees you strong protections against unfair treatment, including protecting you if you report the behavior and are retaliated against. If you’re fired from your job after your boss learns you’re pregnant, for instance, you can claim for wrongful termination, discrimination, or even harassment in some cases. If you’re paid less than others even though you work the same job and find out it’s because of your gender or skin color, you can file a claim for discrimination against your employer.

Your rights are defined by the law to help you work in safe, comfortable environments where employers are respectful of you and your culture, gender, disabilities, and private life. With the laws in place, you can protect yourself against unfair termination, harassment, or even breaches of contract with the right legal support behind you.

Our website has more information on how you can protect yourself from employers who are discriminatory or harassing. You deserve better, and if your rights have been violated, you may be entitled to compensation.

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