How bad is sexual harassment in Hollywood?

As we’ve seen on the news in recent months, there’s no doubt that Hollywood has a major problem with sexual harassment and assault against female — and in some cases, male — actors. However, this begs the question: Just how bad is sexual harassment in Hollywood?

A recent survey from ABC News sought to find a definitive answer to this question, and the figure at which the survey arrived is alarming. According to the survey, out of the 843 Hollywood entertainment industry women the investigation questioned, 94 percent of them said that they have suffered from sexual assault or sexual harassment related to their careers.

Entertainment industry women suffer abuse in numerous ways

The survey showed that women in the entertainment industry suffered from the following types of abuses and harassment related to their employment:

  • Unwanted touching
  • Unwanted sexual comments.
  • Sexual propositions
  • Colleagues exposing themselves sexually
  • Coercion to engage in sexual activity
  • Quid pro quo offers in return for sexual favors
  • Forced disrobing during auditions without previous warning

In most instances, women claimed that an older individual who had a position of power or authority over them was often the one who sexually harassed or sexually assaulted them. Even more upsetting is the fact that 21 percent of women said that such a superior person forced them to engage in a sexual activity at least one time; however, only 25 percent of these women reported the abuse to someone because they were afraid that they could lose their jobs or be retaliated against as a result of complaining.

Many Hollywood women don’t know they’re being sexually harassed

Among the women surveyed, approximately 33 percent were unsure that what they experienced was, in fact, workplace sexual harassment. This reveals just how unaware the working population is about this systemic problem despite of decades of increasing awareness since the early 1990s regarding sexual harassment.

Were you sexually harassed on the job?

No California employee — no matter if he or she is in the entertainment industry, service industry or some other professional — should ever have to endure workplace sexual harassment. If you suspect that you were a victim, the law may be on your side. You may have the right to stop all sexual harassment you are experiencing once and for all.

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