How can discrimination be prevented in the workplace?

Preventing discrimination in the workplace is a task every employer should take on. As an employee, you should be guaranteed a safe workplace that doesn’t make you feel discriminated against. Your employer should listen to your concerns and prevent any kind of harassment.

To start with, if you feel you’re being discriminated against at work, find out if there are discrimination policies in place. There should be procedures for reporting discrimination as well. If there are no procedures to prevent these issues, your attorney may be able to help you file a claim against your employer without having to follow specific steps or go through human resources first.

Second, find out if your employer talks to the staff about workplace discrimination. How do workers know what is or is not acceptable? If someone makes a mistake, are they reprimanded or talked to by the employer? Is discrimination allowed to take place? If it is and an employer doesn’t prevent it, then those discriminated against may have a case.

In your workplace, there should be discrimination policies and procedures that you can review. Every employee should be required to do so. Every quarter, training about discrimination should take place as well. On top of that, employees should sign paperwork to show that they received this training.

When you file a case alleging discrimination, you can use these requirements against an employer. If employees didn’t sign paperwork to show they had education on discrimination, your employer could be held liable for their actions, they may face fines, or they could be looking at other penalties.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “How do I Prevent Discrimination in the Workplace?,” Dec. 03, 2015

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