How you can tell if you’re a victim of wrongful termination

Being wrongfully terminated from a job can be hard for you; you suddenly lose your wages, but on top of that, you were let go for reasons you shouldn’t have been. You may think that because you’re working with an at-will employer that the employer had every right to let you go, but if your employee rights were violated, then you may have a case.

First of all, were you fired because you refused to agree with another coworker or boss’s sexual advances? Sexual harassment is a serious problem in workplaces, and you shouldn’t worry about retaliation when you refused to participate in sexual acts with your boss or other coworkers.

Were you terminated because of your gender or gender preferences? A good example of this would be if you had never mentioned your gender preferences of those you date, and then you one day described being gay. If you were fired shortly after when you discovered that your employer was against homosexuality, then you could potentially prove that you were discriminated against and wrongfully terminated.

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against you based on your nation of origin, sex, religion, disability, age, pregnancy, race, or color. If your rights have been violated, then your employer is in violation of federal anti-discrimination laws.

Not all kinds of wrongful termination claims are based on discrimination. In fact, some could be simple breaches of contract. For instance, if you were contracted in to work for three weeks but then were terminated before the end of your contract, you could claim wrongful termination.

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