Protections are offered to those with HIV/AIDS

AIDS and HIV are two words that can strike fear into individuals in the United States. While HIV and AIDS treatments have come far, HIV can lead to potentially deadly AIDS, making it a virus that very few people are comfortable being around.

Despite this, employment laws do protect those who suffer from this disease. The Americans with Disabilities Act protect individuals with disabilities in the same way as the Civil Rights Act protects those of different sexes, religions, national origins, colors, or races from being discriminated against. The ADA recognizes that people with HIV have either a symptomatic or asymptomatic impairment; this disease affects at least one or more major life activities.

People are recognized as having a disability if they have physical or mental impairments that limit their lives in at least one way. Because of this, those with HIV and AIDS do receive ADA protections and can’t be discriminated against due to having the disease.

People who are discriminated against because they have come back with an HIV-positive test do have a right to fight against that discrimination. The ADA protects individuals applying for school, jobs, or participating in other activities if they’re discriminated against for having or for being rumored to have HIV or AIDS.

Living with a disability is hard enough without being discriminated against in California. With the right help, those who are discriminated against can take a stand and seek compensation from the people who have wronged them. It’s important for businesses and individuals to know that discrimination is not tolerated under federal law in the United States.

Source: Americans with Disabilities Act, “Fighting Discrimination Against People with WIV/AIDS,” accessed March 30, 2016

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