Same-sex couples supported by corporations and Equality Act

As an employee in a same-sex relationship or that is gay, transgender or bisexual you have rights. Your rights have always been protected, but recent rulings have helped confirm that you have to be respected like anyone else.

Discrimination has no place in the workplace, but many times, it still exists. A few days before the report on July 28, the Equality Act was passed in Congress, which supports comprehensive federal lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender non-discrimination. In fact, the Act protects LGBT individuals who were threatened with losing their jobs or homes over posting photos of their marriages from discrimination, which means that none of those people can legally be fired or kicked out of their homes because of who they are or who they love.

The good news is that many major corporations have stepped up to approve of and support the LGBT non-discrimination legislation. American Airlines reported that it ensures fairness in its workplace, and Facebook reported being a vocal supporter of LGBT rights. General Mills backed the act, stating that it has a long history of supporting the LGBT community and its rights. Google claims that diversity leads to the creation of better products, and NIKE added that it strives for equality in the workplace regardless of who the employee is or loves.

Interestingly, these businesses have all been recognized by the Corporate Equality Index as some of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality for 2015. With basic principles that all Americans should be treated equally, many people are now supporting the fact that no discrimination has a place in any workplace across the United States.

Source: LGBT Weekly, “American Airlines, Facebook, General Mills, Google and Nike announce support for federal LGBT non-discrimination protections,” July 28, 2015

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