Teacher claims discrimination at Berkeley in California

Wrongful terminations can happen to anyone. Imagine being at work and discussing your dissatisfaction with something that has happened. Normally, your superiors should want to hear your complaint and potentially do something about it. Sometimes, they don’t want to know that employees are unhappy at work or don’t want to be scrutinized. Unfortunately, that can lead to an employer firing an employee for speaking up. What’s important to understand is that firing someone for making a complaint can be a form of retaliation, and that is illegal. If you’re fired because of speaking up about unfair treatment or discrimination in the workplace, you may be able to make a claim for wrongful termination like this math teacher has.

A math lecturer at Berkeley has filed for wrongful termination after he was fired following complaining about the department’s policies. The mathematics lecturer stated that the school didn’t renew his appointment following a letter that criticized the math department.

Following his initial complaint, he expanded on it in a blog post in October 2015. That post stated that he believes he wasn’t reappointed due to his teaching style, even though there was evidence of success. He reported that they hid the success of his teaching method and thinks the school was discriminating against him because of having to take medical leave for his disability, depression. He claims the actions were retaliatory against him for activities that are protected by law.

The University reported not yet receiving the complaint, but California’s fair employment department did accept the complaint and gave the teacher the right to sue notice he required.

Source: Inside Higher Ed, “Berkeley Math Lecturer Files for Wrongful Termination,” Jan. 26, 2016

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