Wage discrimination and the growing gap in America

Workplace discrimination isn’t just the obvious activities that hurt employees, like when someone won’t promote a person based on religion. No, it’s sometimes as simple as a silent wage gap that people aren’t even aware of in their workplaces. Silence over earnings is part of the reason that wage gaps have grown in America, and today it’s widely recognized that women and men often do not make the same amount of money for the same jobs.

The male-to-female wage-gap ratio is growing, and that is a major issue for the United States. A new study, according to the Aug. 11 news, states that the number of women in employment is dropping, and the persistent pay gap could be part of the problem. On top of that, there are fewer protections for women and families.

The report shows that full-time female workers make around $.79 cents for every dollar males make, and the gap is even more obvious for women of color. Why do these separations exist? Some people argue it’s because women work different jobs than men, but that’s not the case. In fact, eliminating gender age gaps in the same occupation can actually eliminate 68 percent of the wage gap completely.

Females are also working less in the United States today than in the last 15 years. Why? There are fewer protections for women and their families; it’s harder for women to balance their family responsibilities, which are in most cases, falling to them to take care of a disproportionate amount of the time. These issues make earning the same as male counterparts difficult, and discrimination can certainly linger. If you feel you’re being paid less than you’re worth simply because of your gender, you could be right. Your case may be reviewed and, if viable, you could file a claim against your employer.

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