What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Living with a disability isn’t easy and having to deal with discrimination only makes things worse. Fortunately, the United States has several laws in place to protect the disabled from discrimination, helping them live comfortably in society as equals.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was designed to protect people with disabilities from discriminatory practices. The ADA is a civil rights act, and it protects the disabled in every area of life. Thanks to this act, no person can be discriminated against at school, jobs, events or in any other situation due to his or her disability. That means it’s not acceptable to deny a job because a person’s in a wheelchair or to stop a child from playing a sport even though he or she has a limp.

There are five titles in the ADA. Most important for employees is Title I, or Employment. This title recognizes equal employment opportunity for those with disabilities. The section is designed to help people like you who struggle with a disability to find a job without having to worry about being denied due to your disability alone. You should have access to any job you can perform; of course, if you’re denied a job that would be difficult with your special needs, then that would not necessarily be discrimination.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces this section of the ADA. The law must be followed by any employer who has 15 or more employees, and the information about ADA complaints must be provided in the workplace. While there are still some barriers for those with disabilities, making sure employees and employers are educated about employee rights in the workplace is one of the first steps to equality for all parties.

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