Woman claims wrongful termination after complaining to management

When you’re at a job for a long period of time, it’s not uncommon to see problems come up. Maybe you’ve noticed an error on the computer or problems between staff members. Whatever the issue is, you should be able to speak with a supervisor without the fear of being retaliated against. If you are retaliated against, then you may have a case for discrimination or other employee rights infringements.

In a lawsuit addressing the Haggen stores, an ex-employee has claimed that she was fired after she complained that customers were being overcharged for their goods. According to her lawsuit, she has accused her employer of violating the California labor code and of wrongful termination.

The woman had been hired in 1977 to what was then Safeway, and then she worked at the store until it was purchased by Haggen. As a new employee to Haggen, she noticed that the new price-scanning system showed discrepancies on the price tags and prices that came up on the register. She claims that the prices marked on the shelves were lower than what came up on the register, meaning customers were being overcharged for the goods.

When she complained to management about the issue, she claims she was ignored. She then went on to email the chief executive of the southwest region, who said he would have the support team for the company contact her. Two executives allegedly came to the store the following day, but instead of offering support, she was scolded, according to her lawsuit. Her manager claimed the executives wanted her fired. She was eligible for retirement, but she didn’t plan to take it for another two years or longer. Instead, she felt she was forced to take retirement due to stress and mental anguish.

Source: Oregon Live, “Lawsuit: Haggen overcharging customers, former employee says,” Anna Marum, Sep. 03, 2015

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