Workplace discrimination withers when strength overcomes fear

If the past decade has taught us anything, it is that employment is not something any of us can take for granted. Regardless of whether you live in California or some other part of the country, chances are good that you or someone close to you has known hard times between 2008 and now.

That has a way of generating feelings of great insecurity and fear. Some employers are not above leveraging that fear to take advantage of employees. Discrimination in the workplace is all too common. And too often, fear keeps the victims of discrimination from speaking up and seeking to hold bosses accountable.

The sources of that fear are not necessarily unfounded. Some forms of discrimination can be embarrassing for the victim. Some victims might feel they can’t afford to lose their job but that filing a claim will get them fired. Still others may believe in the old adage that you can’t fight City Hall and that their employer is pretty much the same thing, so what’s the use of trying?

The only reliable way to face such fear is to become educated about your options. There are state and federal laws that protect workers from discrimination and harassment. As the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing notes, the law applies when the discrimination or harassment is either real or even just perceived.

The bases for possible discrimination are broad, ranging from biases over ancestry or race, gender or gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, to medical condition or disability.

It is clear that the shield of law is strong, but it can be complicated to wield. That is why our firm stands ready to offer a free and confidential initial consultation if you believe you have been the victim of employer discrimination. Give us a call.

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