You can fight retaliation in the workplace

When you work at a company, you have rights that protect you from discrimination and unfair wage gaps based on your gender or other factors. Besides that, though, there are also laws that protect you from retaliation.

Retaliation comes in many forms, but the trouble stems from you refusing to do something you’re not comfortable with or reporting the company for something illegal or dangerous. Retaliation includes any negative or adverse action taken by your boss or company against you for filing a complaint. For example, if your boss approaches you and wants to date you, you should be able to say no without a fear of repercussions. You may even complain about being harassed at work to your human resources department. However, if you’re fired shortly after turning her down, then you could have a retaliation case.

Another example would be if you report the workplace for fraud. As a whistleblower, you’re protected by law against retaliation, but that doesn’t mean it will prevent it. If you’re fired, demoted or have other struggles at work because of your actions, then retaliation may be taking place and you might be able to make a claim.

Your workplace should be a place where you feel comfortable. You shouldn’t have to worry about going to work for fear of retaliation, harassment or other issues.

Our website has more information on retaliation and how it can affect you in the workplace. Retaliation is illegal, so you can point it out and talk to your attorney about taking your company to court over the negative environment in which you’ve been working.

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