You can make a claim for wrongful termination

When you’re fired from your job suddenly, you may wonder if you were wrongfully discharged. Maybe there were some odd events that took place at work that make you feel that way, or perhaps you couldn’t get a straight answer for why you were let go. Your attorney can help you find out why you were terminated and decide if you can file a lawsuit to get compensation for being wrongfully terminated.

You may think that you can’t claim for a wrongful discharge because your employer is an “at-will” employer, but the fact is that even jobs that are at-will do require the employer to follow the federal laws regarding employees and discrimination. If you’re terminated from you job and find out your termination violated anti-discrimination laws, you can make a claim against your employer.

Discrimination isn’t the only reason you can be wrongfully discharged. Retaliation is another. For example, if you were asked on a date by your boss and said no, you may not have thought much of it. However, if he then fires you because of it, you could file a wrongful termination lawsuit. In another situation, if you complained about safety violations at work and then were fired for bringing them up, that would also be a wrongful termination.

If you wouldn’t perform an illegal action that your employer requested, that’s no reason to be fired. In fact, your employer could be in trouble for firing you and for suggesting illegal activity. For situations like this and others, our website can give you more information on how to respond and file a claim.

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