You don’t need to allow harassment in your workplace

As an employee in California, you have rights that have to be respected by your employer and the state. If you’re mistreated at work, there are steps you can take to make your situation right. You could be compensated, for instance, or you could have your employer investigated for crimes like discrimination.

Workers’ rights laws have been created to give you the power to protect yourself and other workers. For example, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act makes sure that you can’t be discriminated against due to your race, gender, or disabilities.

If you have a complaint about being sexually harassed at work that isn’t taken seriously, religious discrimination complaints, or believe you have not been hired due to your gender or sexual orientation, there is help available. You are protected under federal and state laws, so you shouldn’t have to stand by and let these discriminatory acts take place.

Another thing to consider is that you can’t be retaliated against in a workplace for doing your job. Take, for instance, a situation where a federal employee reports his or her superior for fraud. The superior was skimming funds, keeping them for him- or herself. With common sense, you’d think that you couldn’t be at risk of losing your job by reporting that action, but in a case of retaliation, you could.

By law, your employer isn’t allowed to retaliate against you, and you’re protected as a whistleblower. Your termination would be classified as being a wrongful termination that would not stand up in court. Our website has information about whistleblowing activities and discrimination, so you can learn more.

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