Your employer can’t fire you for these protected reasons

When you start at a new job, you know that your state is an at-will employer. It means that you could be let go at any time and without a reason. What happens if the reason you’re let go is more personal than that, though? What if it’s because of a disability, your sex, your gender or some other perceived issue?

If you are fired because of several protected reasons or disabilities, then you could be in a position to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Protected characteristics that you can’t be fired for include your gender, race or skin color, military status, marital status, medical condition or disability, gender identify or expression, pregnancy, age or national origin.

For instance, if you’re at work and announce that you’re pregnant, your employer can’t suddenly terminate your employment because you’ll need to take maternity leave. If you suffer from a medical condition that your employer knew about when you were hired, or even if you develop one when you work for your employer, you can’t be fired because of that condition. Additionally, if you’re in the military and need to take leave, you can’t be fired for that.

Another thing that you can’t be fired for is your religion. You have the right to express your religion, whether it’s by wearing religious head wear or attending services on your time off. If your employer fires you because you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion, you may be in a position to file a claim for wrongful termination and get compensated for your losses.

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