Your leave of absence may be protected by federal law

When your family is sick or you need to take a leave of absence for your own injuries, will your job be protected? According to the Family Medical Leave Act, known as FMLA, employees have some right to a leave of absence when it comes to serious illness and particular familial situations.

The FMLA and California Family Rights Act work together to protect workers and their families by allowing them to take time off work to deal with serious and emergency situations. Once the situation is resolved, these employees should then be able to return to work in the same capacity as when they left.

It’s true that not all employees are covered by this act, so it’s important that you speak with your attorney about your risk of losing your job if you take time off work. If you are protected by the FMLA and are discharged from your job or wrongfully terminated after you return, then you may be in a position where you can fight to get your job back or to be compensated for having your rights violated.

Victims of FMLA or the CFRA may know they’re victims if they’ve been wrongfully terminated during a leave of absence or after returning to work. Those fired or discriminated against for being pregnant or those who aren’t allowed to take protected time off against federal regulations may also have a case to take to court.

Our website has information about all kinds of situations involving the FMLA and other important employee protections, so you can make sure you’re not being taken advantage of or discriminated against.

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